Bond in Ruutu
A tactical campaign with a strategic twist. How to sell a product that has been intensively aired on TV, on a SVOD service?
The solution: By building a visual link between the content and the service.
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The new and improved "Poliisit" are more dynamic than ever! We wanted to highlight the new season which has more action than before, and what better way to do it than with officers taking perennial chase, in comedic time-lapse?
Vain elämää 8
We were given the task to create the marketing concept for the new season of Vain elämää. We decided to highlight the songs instead of the artists themselves. This would allow us to attract a wider audience base since many finns have strong memories about these songs, from 1960's through to 2010's.
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World Cup of Hockey
Nelonen brought World Cup of Hockey to Free-to-Air TV in association with Viasat. We created a promo and a key visual using the official WCH materials and some home made special effects.